About us

About us

COOLSEC was born from the fusion of fashion, design & sustainable urban mobility.

We generate color, movement and energy in every person and for every city.

We design all kinds of accessories for the bicycle and the urban cyclist who seek for practicality, comfort and personality in a Product.

Be different, be unique!

Our main goal is to produce the collections in full in Barcelona, employing people socially excluded.

The first collection of covers for saddles are being produced by inmates from the prison of Brians 2.

COOLSEC has been rewarded in different ways.

We Cycle with attitude in favor of social engagement and sustainable design.

Find us in :



El diluvio universal - Elisa Munsó - Barcelona.

La talenta-   Barcelona.

Mar de cava - Barcelona.

Bicitecla -  Barcelona.

Galería Escalera de incendios - Barcelona.

MIBA Museo Museu de idees i invents -  Barcelona.

Moda y pedal - Zaragoza.

Twin souls. C/ Perez Galdos 14- Las Palmas de Gran Canarias.

Seteflores-  Galicia.

Miner bicis urbanas - Donostia- San Sebastian.

Bicicklo- Valencia.

Ottoyanna - Online.

Viloop - Online.

Lola´s Corner - Online.

Chicplace - Online.

Pehache - Buenos Aires.

Feliz día Deco - Buenos Aires.


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